Trades-Recruit Hampshire UK.

The main focus of Trades-Recruit is the supply of temporary site staff, in particular trades and labour.

We cover a broad range of disciplines from unskilled labour up to construction management in addition to most of the trades common to the industry. We have strict procedures in place to ensure the standard of our labour exceeds that of our competitors. 

We believe our recruitment service compares favourably to any of our competitors on a national basis.
In addition to supply of temporary site trades and labour we also offer the following services:

  • Provision of all levels of construction management on a temporary and permanent basis.
  • Payroll services
  • Small subcontract works.
  • SIA Security guards
We are not about grabbing the first temp available. With over a decade of experience, Trades-Recruit has built a reputation on making the perfect match for each client. 
Further information on these can be obtained by contacting our office.

Construction: Subcontract 

or Direct Hire

Subcontracting work or hiring permanent employees in the trades was the topic discussion this week among several different construction owners and professionals. More often than not, employers tend to prefer subbing out, is that the smarter thing to do?

On the other hand, subcontracting may appeal to employers as it may be the more efficient method to attain labour. One must remember that there has been and increase in the types of skilled labour that exist today. Such positions may require specific certifications necessary to accomplish such jobs. In addition, such workers may have their own insurance, which will also reduce some cost to employers.Flexibility and turnover among employer and employee is also evident. Employers may be able to eliminate poor performers sooner and attain better skills. In addition, employers can hire based on demand of labour. Overall, the construction industry is high paced and requires a specific labour force One that is flexible, reliable and affordable.

Deciding what your expected needs are also very important. While many companies bring on temporary workers just temporarily, some may decide that they would like to hire the worker on full time and resort to the temp-to-perm program. This allows the company to decide based on their needs and their evaluation of the candidates performance on whether they want to hire full time. 

Trades-Recruit takes an unparalleled approach to finding the best candidates, whether it's for a temporary or permanent role. 

Hiring TEMPORARY Workers

If your staff needs are seasonal -- for example, you need extra workers during the summer or during multiple projects -- then temporary employees could be the answer to your problem.With temp agencies now offering specialized employees, construction companies have learned that they don't have to settle for low skilled or bad matches. In addition to pre-screened individuals, temp agencies offer companies a slew of other benefits. For example, they help keep your overhead low. For another, they save you time and money on recruiting efforts. You don't have to find, interview or relocate workers. 

Also, the cost of health and unemployment benefits, workers' compensation insurance, vacation time and other benefits do not come out of your budget since many temp agencies provide these resources to their staff. 

How do you find the temp agency that best suits your needs? Here are a few questions to consider:

Do you have insurance?

Do you check of the progress of your temp workers?

How do you recruit your temp workers?

Should a temp staff not work out, does the firm offer an y guarantees? Look for a firm that can provide a qualified temp right away.

What type of work do your staff specialize in?